Popcorn Time esitab filme ja TV seriaale läbi torrentite

Autoriõigustega materjalide allalaadimine võib olla sinu riigis illegaalne. Kasuta omal vastutusel.

Mis on Popcorn Time?

Hulk arendajaid ja disainereid ühendasid oma jõud ja nõud, et luua Popcorn Time ning teha torrentifilmide edastamine ja vaatamine nii lihtsaks kui üldse saab.

Oleme avatud lähtekoodiga projekt. Me asume üle kogu maailma. Me armastame oma filme. Ja kurat, kus me armastame popcorni.

Popcorn Time works using torrents, fair enough. Am I seeding while watching a movie?

Indeed, you are. You're going to be uploading bits and bits of the movie for as long as you're watching it on Popcorn Time.

Kuidas ma ennast torrentide kasutamise ajal turvaliselt ja privaatselt tunda saan?

A VPN is a method to secure and anonymize internet connections using state of the art encryption technology. It protects you against monitoring and renders your identity untraceable in the process, by hiding your IP-address so you can use the internet, Popcorn Time included, safely and anonymously.

Popcorn Time VPN

Mis juhtub filmidega pärast seda kui ma olen need ära vaadanud?

our movies will stay buried in a temporary folder somewhere on your drive until you restart your computer. Then it will be gone for good. You can choose to keep the downloaded files in the settings.

Kas tulemas on ka uus versioon?

Most definitely. But we do not know when We'll update our website and let you know via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Google+ when we it's ready.

How come you've got the latest movies?

We search for movies uploaded by YTS. Better ask them how they are handling this!

Miks mõned osad puuduvad?

We grab the TV Show episodes from EZTV/KAT/RARBG. Due to video and audio codec limitations we are very selective on what releases we grab via the API. This is why some TV shows appear to be missing episodes.

Kas te lisate ka minukeelseid filme?

Chances are that most (if not all) of the movies available in Popcorn Time will be in English. However, languages for subtitles and the app itself are constantly being added by our lovely contributors.

Miks ma Popcorn Time´i avada ei saa?

Sinu arvuti võib keelata tunnustamata arendajatelt pärit rakenduste käivitumist.
MineSüsteemiseaded > Turvalisus > Luba avada rakendusi, mis on laetud > Ükskõik kust

ja proovi Popcorn Time uuesti avada

  • $ chmod +x /Applications/Popcorn\ Time.app/Contents/MacOS/node-webkit
  • $ chmod +x /Applications/Popcorn\ Time.app/Contents/Frameworks/crash_inspector
  • $ chmod +x /Applications/Popcorn\ Time.app/Contents/Frameworks/node-webkit\ Helper.app/Contents/MacOS/node-webkit\ Helper
  • $ chmod +x /Applications/Popcorn\ Time.app/Contents/Frameworks/node-webkit\ Helper\ EH.app/Contents/MacOS/node-webkit\ Helper\ EH
  • $ chmod +x /Applications/Popcorn\ Time.app/Contents/Frameworks/node-webkit\ Helper\ NP.app/Contents/MacOS/node-webkit\ Helper\ NP

I can't get past the initial Please wait... screen :(

Living on Queen Elizabeth's realm, aren't you? Nothing we can do about that right now, sorry.

Miks ma ei saa subtiitreid valida?

You may have to wait until all of the movie data (cover, summary, length, etc...) is retrieved. Sometimes it may be something else!

Kas millalgi tuleb ka Apple TV/Nutitelerite/Commodore 64 jaoks?

Our efforts are currently towards improving our existing applications for watching torrent movies. So launching versions for other platforms is not in our immediate roadmap.

Ja iOS rakendus, millal see tuleb?

Siis, kui me arvame, et see on maailmaga jagamiseks valmis...

Kui mul on küsimus mida siin pole, siis kust ma seda siis küsida saan?

Our Forum

You could ask your question on our forum that is where our developers are trying to answer every question. And when they do not have time to help you someone else from our community might be able to point you in the right direction